Fatigue, Brain Fog, Chronic Pain: Can it be an infection?

If it's an infection, the solution is simple, right? Antibiotics?  Not so fast.  We are aware now of the limitations of antibiotics for chronic bacteria and of course the fact that many chronic infections are viral and therefore would be made worse by antibiotics.  Antibiotic resistant infections are on a dramatic rise, and it is [...]

Want to lose weight? Change your genes.

Want to lose weight? Change your genes.  No, we are not talking about manipulating your DNA in a laboratory.  At least, I am not. I’m not very trusting that researchers will take into account all of the factors that 600 million years of evolution (and perhaps the hand of God) did. I know there are [...]

Can “Dizziness” be confused with “Anxiety”?

The balance system is also known as the “vestibular system”.  The vestibular system is a group of structures in your body, head, and brain that work together to tell us where we are in space and where things in our space are related to us.   The vestibular or balance system is like a 3 [...]

Do you know the difference between “hard” and “soft” exam findings?

“Functional” exams compared to “medical” exams. As a chiropractor with specialties in functional neurology and functional medicine, I often explain to my patients that the way doctors like myself read blood work is different from conventional medical doctors.  Our job is to read blood work as a measure of how healthy our patients are and [...]

See Your Thyroid in a New Light

It seems now that red light, infrared light, and low level laser therapy (LLLT) can be used to treat many conditions including autoimmune thyroid disease. The impact is profound at the cellular level.  LLLT is based on the research showing that red light and near-infrared radiation can boost cellular energy metabolism by activating the enzyme [...]

“Know Thy Brain”

Brain health is increasingly becoming a concern for society.   With an aging population and the incidence of Alzheimer's expected to rise dramatically as well as an ever increasing assault on our nervous system by chemical exposures and artificial environments, those who choose to understand what makes a brain healthy will discover that a happy healthy [...]

Is there a dietary lifestyle that can improve your brain and help you prevent and even fight cancer?

People who are serious about getting involved in restoring their own brain function that has been lost or diminished due to brain fog, lyme, trauma, early Alzheimer's dementia, PTSD, parkinson's, CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) or post concussion syndrome, autoimmunity, and MS often ask what they should eat.   My answer to this question is usually [...]

Top 10 rituals for being happy and healthy 5 years after Hashimotos

Its been nearly 5 years since I first learned that the health challenges of my mid to late 30’s were due to autoimmune disease, including but not limited to hashimotos (autoimmune reaction against thyroid tissue.).  I am happy to report I am in my mid 40’s, more productive, excited about my career and future than [...]

Concussion – Some thoughts on returning to play, work, and school.

“Sport is sport, sport is NOT health”  Ben Velazquez Having a practice that specializes in metabolic, immunologic, structural, and neurological health- my interest in the brain and what impacts it takes up a considerable amount of my time and attention.  In addition, I have young competitive children who are becoming teenagers.  It seems that kids [...]

How can Greek Easter save you from Inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis?

I want to share with you the healthy rationale behind our traditional Greek Orthodox Easter feast and how it can impact inflammatory bowel disease.  The inspiration for this post came from one of my guests.  Growing up the son of Greek immigrants in Queens NY, it is hard to tell who in the community is [...]